For a business, to have a good storage system is vital for a good organization and activities. One of the most common types of storage is the warehouse; is perfect for storing the products of virtually any business.

Storage in warehouses, organized on shelves and other similar organization systems, is a great solution for a company, because it will provide a great space for products and goods and also offers all the necessary security measures. Storage stores don’t have enough space in their premises to store all your stock. In addition, these assets need protection, both in terms of safety and hygiene: protection against termite damage in transport and storage and protection against theft.

In many cases, when an employer has to choose a warehouse, focus all his/her efforts on finding the perfect warehouse in specialized real estate and forgets almost completely about the used storage system, as if it were an afterthought. The reality is that not just any type of industrial shelving and some considerations must be taken into account before choosing and using in a warehouse:

Capacity – One of the first factors to consider before purchasing any type of shelving is to know exactly the amount of goods that must be stored. When performing an analysis to determine the type and amount of load, the employer may have a fairly clear idea about the type of shelving required: what size, shape and type.

Space – Another factor is the space available in the warehouse. Although analyzes indicate that a number of shelving are needed before any purchase is very important to measure the space to know exactly how many shelves fit in the available space. In addition, must also keep in mind that you can use different types of shelves in different areas of the warehouse.

Product Type – It is also important to choose one kind or another shelf, and to choose the machinery that is used to transport and store.

To use the correct storage system is not the only thing to consider. It is also important to look after them properly to keep them in top condition and create a secure storage environment where the products are in the best hygienic and safety conditions.