Oral health

It is more than proven that the exaggerated consumption of tobacco negatively affects periodontal treatments.

Tobacco is the main cause of avoidable death. Around 14 thousand people per year cease to exist due to this factor, which is also responsible for 17% of deaths due to cardiovascular, respiratory and various types of cancer and 11% of infant mortality due to low birth weight in smoking mothers, among other harmful effects, and as if that were not enough; it’s making our teeth fall out.

It is an obligation of us dentists to worry about this issue if we want to have a safer clinical practice. The suspension of the tobacco habit not only improves the dental practice, but also makes it more profitable and prestigious, because the patient who manages to leave the cigarette going to the dentist, becomes a patient who recommends this to other people. is positioned before people with a different professional approach, more comprehensive.

Most dentists do not talk to their patients about their smoking because they are afraid of bothering them and stop visiting them.

Numerous studies carried out around the world have shown that smoking contributes directly to the development of periodontal (gum) diseases and that these would be more serious compared to non-smokers. In addition it has been determined that the cigarette alters the immune response against infections, decreases the ability to repair the tissues of the mouth and delays the healing of wounds, so that the dentist may even contraindicate a certain treatment, such as titanium implants, for example, where it has been proven, after 5 years of postoperative observation, that smokers have twice the risk of losing their teeth compared to non-smoking patients.

The risk of a failure in the placement of implants in smokers increases by 35%. It’s not that 35 out of 100 are going to fail, but it increases the risk of poor treatment in this type of individuals: Nowadays it can even be dangerous from a legal point of view if one does not He previously talks with the patient about his possibilities, people should know about the risks and complications involved in the practice that is going to be performed, one can tell the patient: why are you smoking your teeth are falling off ?

This is why it is very important to make people aware of this situation, but not with campaigns of terror, that does not work according , or else people would have quit the habit just by reading the warning on cigarette packs for fear of acquiring Cancer. What you have to do according to the professional, is to show people everything they will gain by quitting tobacco, “always aiming for positive factors”.

Stop smoking to improve oral health

So … Why stop smoking?

Simple. It will help reduce the chances of producing mouth and lip cancer, your teeth will shine again and will also prevent the loss of this, reduce the risk of periodontal disease, improve your sense of taste and smell, improve the outcome of your dental treatments and he will stop suffering the nasty halitosis, to name just a few positive results.

It is vital to inform and objectively question the start of any treatment in smoking patients, especially in the case of implants, and to have a failure in this is very complex, due to the times, expectations and costs involved.