Recommendations for long-lived teeth

With certain regularity appear news such as the discovery of the vaccine against cavities, the development of new teeth?? And others that produce a cataract of patient consultations that are hopeful of finding a quick, easy, inexpensive and painless solution to their oral health problems.

These illusions vanish after consulting responsible dentists, who clarify to their patients that although science does include those objectives in their research, there are still only good wishes regarding these “miracle solutions”.

However, dentists do not always give bad news.

Common diseases.

According to a WHO report, an estimated 5 billion people on the planet have suffered tooth decay.
In addition to cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis there are other diseases of the mouth with great prevalence in society. For example, oral cancer is the eighth highest frequency among men and affects between one and ten cases per 100,000 population in most countries.

The consequences of oral diseases are not just “toothache”. Caries and periodontitis without treatment? Or without proper treatment? They can also lead to tooth loss. And this mutilation, whether partial or total, has consequences, not only health, but also social, economic and labor.

Effective measures

In this framework, preventive measures are the good news we can offer our patients. Not only direct prevention, performed in the dental office or in oral health campaigns: the prevention must be carried out by each individual in his home, in his person and in the people in his charge. There self-care begins to preserve oral health.