Remove fear from the dentist maybe you should think about a hair dye

Let’s be honest, who has not had at some point in their life fear of a visit to the dentist? Well, this feeling shared among so many people seems to be that it can be favored by hereditary and genetic factors. Or at least that’s what recent studies.

More specifically, the scientific journal of Endodontic includes a curious study in which it is stated that redheaded women are more afraid of the dentist than brunettes. It must be said that this conclusion is not the result of the hair preferences of the expert in charge of doing the research, but rather it is a genetic hereditary issue; The reddish color of the hair seems to be related to a variation of the melanocortin-1 receptor gene (MC1R), and this in turn is linked to higher levels of dental anxiety. In addition, the study adds that the genetic variation of MC1R is generally related to greater sensitivity to pain and analgesia.

Whether you are a redhead, a blonde or a brunette, we will always recommend regular check-ups at the dentist to maintain good oral health. Therefore, if you want to have the security that comes with having a good dental coverage, do not hesitate to consult our health and dental insurance comparator, where you can discover the insurance that best suits your needs.