Understanding Your Fears

Remember that being afraid of a dentist is normal. There is no reason to be embarrassed by it. Many people around the world share the problem. It should not prevent you from having good dental care, otherwise this can seriously harm your health and ability to socialize.

It is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year to maintain oral health.

Not going to the dentist regularly can cause cavities, abscesses, broken teeth, bad breath and other problems. Some of these conditions can undermine your social life.

Write down your specific fears. Some people may not admit they have odontophobia. To overcome this fear, write down a list of what causes anxiety when you go to the dentist.

You may not even be aware of your specific fears until you start thinking about them. [6] You can come to the conclusion that they are not the procedures that scare, but your dentist itself. This is an easy fear to overcome, just look for a new dentist.

Take your list to the dentist to discuss your fears with him. He can probably offer rational explanations for whatever his anxiety reasons may be.

Find out the cause of your fears. Fear is often understood through experience or memory. To identify the sources of their odontofobia can help you take proactive steps to overcome your fear of the dentist.

Thinking about the specific experiences that may have contributed to your dentist’s fear and neutralizing them with positive experiences can help you get into the ideal frame of mind to start overcoming your phobia. For example, if you had a very painful canal or caries treatment, think of situations in which your dentist praised you for your excellent oral hygiene or when you had a pain-free procedure as a cleansing (to compensate for your fear).

If you cannot identify a specific experience that could be the source of your fear, it can be caused by stories of others such as friends and family who have had a bad experience with dentists.

Thinking about the sources of your fears can help you gradually overcome them. Simply recognizing them may be the only thing you need to overcome them.

Acknowledge that dental procedures have improved considerably. Before taking concrete steps to visit the dentist’s office to try to help overcome your fear, it is important to understand that dental procedures have greatly improved in recent years. We are far from the days when medieval drills and large anesthetic needles were used. Recognizing the improvements in dental treatments can help ease your fears.

There are many new methods for treating dental problems, such as cavities. There are drills with a button to stop when you want or methods of removing the infected area from the laser.

Many dentists also leaving their offices with a better appearance, using softer colors and removing the typical odors often associated with visits to the dentist.